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Nerang Physiotherapy

The difference is obvious

Case Histories

At Nerang Physiotherapy are a few case histories illustrating the type of conditions treated here:

Acute sports injury: 34-year old male dancer, severely twisted right ankle by slipping off the stage after an evening performance. Arrived at the centre the next morning hardly able to put weight on the right foot. His foot was black and blue from bruising, and very swollen. Treatment consisted of checking and correcting the blood flow to the legs, which corrected weakness found in the right hip muscles, Acupuncture to the ankle and calf, and massage to release any tightness that developed in the calf. After that treatment he walked out with only a slight limp, and as it was his own show, he danced that night, reducing his show slightly. He was seen the next day for another treatment, and said he was much improved, had another Acupuncture session, which was to be his last treatment. He danced a full routine the next night and then another 4 over the weekend. He recovered fully.

Circulation disorder: 68-year old lady suffering from foot pain (left>right), left hip and knee pain for 7 months. There was no known cause. On examination she showed weakness of the left hip and knee and ankle muscles. The nervous system controlling blood flow rate to the legs was not working well. Her ankles were very discoloured (red from venous congestion) and very cold. Treatment was aimed at improving blood flow rate to the legs by working on the nervous system in the back, and releasing any soft tissue tightness in the hips and legs with massage. Within 1 month she had regained most strength, her night pains and irritable leg syndrome had virtually gone and the colour of her ankles had improved to almost normal. She continues to improve.

Low back strain: 41-year old Drayman working for a brewery company, suffering from low back pain after lifting heavy barrels. Assessment revealed right hip weakness, tightness of the back soft tissues, and restricted movements of the back. He walked in lop-sided, leaning to the left (away from the pain). Treatment included cold for the spinal reflexes to boost circulation, Acupuncture to the back and hip, massage to release soft tissues, and gentle spinal mobilisations. After the first session he could stand erect with a straight spine, and his hip strength was restored. He was completely recovered in 5 treatments.

RSI: 24-year old female suffering from severe pain in her left arm, with pins and needles in the hand. She had had surgery 6 months prior to this to remove an extra rib thought to have been the cause of the pain. This made no difference. On examination she had very tight soft tissues in the neck, especially those related to the nerves that supply the arm. These were released through specialised massage, and after 3 treatments she was completely pain free.

Sciatica-type pain: 42-year old female doctor suffering from acute low back pain radiating into her left thigh and foot. This looked very much like sciatica. She showed weakness of the left hip muscles, stood with a list to the right, and the pain was made worse by bending to the left. Her left straight leg raise test was approx. 5 degrees of lift. She also had decreased sensation in the calf and slightly in the lower thigh. Treatment focussed on the blood flow to the low back and legs, release of tight tissues in the hips and back, and mobilising of necessary joints. After the first treatment she had a straight leg raise of 40 degrees, improved hip strength, and could stand more erect. Her pain was also less. In a month and after 6 treatments she was pain free and mobile again.

Whiplash: 27-year old female involved in a car crash, hit from behind while stationary. She was wearing her seatbelt and her headrest was in situ. She only started to feel some neck pain the next day and this spread to her left arm. She was dismissed by medics as having whiplash and sent home from A&E with painkillers. She was seen at the centre 6 weeks later. At this time her neck stiffness was more pronounced and her pain constant, made worse by rest, and activity. On examination she had functional fault with her nervous system controlling blood flow to the neck and arms. This is typical of a whiplash, but gets very little attention from medical personnel. Her range of movement was very restricted and painful. Treatment included an ancient approach of Acupuncture, called ‘The 5-elements’ approach. This restores electrical short circuits in the body. This was combined with treatment to the blood flow rate and slow introduction of massage as the symptoms eased. She spent 3 months receiving treatment but is now fully recovered.

Arthritic knees: 69-year old male who spent most of his life road running. He suffered the usual pains in his knees over time, but eventually his right knee became arthritic and he had to stop running. The left knee was also showing signs of early arthritis. Contrary to popular belief, this type of arthritic pain does not all come from the joints, but from the tissues that surround the joints getting too tight. This tightness is what eventually causes the wear and tear known as osteo-arthritis. He showed weakness of his right hip and knee muscles and tightness of the ITB, a thick band running down the outside of the thigh. He also showed blood flow control problems to the legs. Treatment was given to the nervous system to improve blood flow rate, Acupuncture to the tight tissues and massage for releasing the tissues. After the first treatment his strength improved and he had more mobility in the joint. After 6 sessions he was pain free and able to get back on the road despite having being diagnosed as having ‘arthritis’. He still had the wear and tear, but no longer had the pain. With the muscles working well and the tissues mobile the joint was under less strain and could perform its duty.

Don’t let pain rule your life!

These and many more are successfully treated on a daily basis at Nerang Physiotherapy. Don’t wait, book now on 07 5596 471107 5596 4711.

Case studies

  • 85 Year old lady with 45 years of pain gone in five days using Myo-flow. Husband said it was the first time in 40 years of marriage he had seen her with pink cheeks.
  • 10 year old girl with leg pain since birth, investigations could not find anything, but her pain was eliminated in a week with Myo-flow.
  • 24 year old woman suffereing severe pins and needls and pain in her left arm 6 months after having a cervical rib removed, cleared in 3 treatments of Myofascial release massage.
  • 42 year old female doctor suffering from what looked like sciatica, with pain to the foot. Straight leg raise was only 5 degrees. After treatment with Myo-flow, Acupuncture and Myofascial release massage she had full straight leg raise and could walk comfortably on her leg. She recovered fully in only 5 sessions.
  • 27 year old lady involved in a car accident, hit from behind. Suffered whiplash associated disorder with neck and lower back issues. She received treatment for 3 months and fully recovered.

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