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Nerang Physiotherapy

The difference is obvious

De-Stress Self-help page

Learn what we all should know about COVID 19 from this document

Phizer has released data from its research that they wanted hidden for 75 years. Here is their data (pay particular attention to pages 30 to is shocking!)

Please note this is public information and not my opinion.

Hi everyone and welcome to our page on the ugly virus. I have put together a few things that can hopefully help reduce the stress we are all experiencing. You know stress itself is not the problem, it is how the body deals with stress that could lead to stress-related issues including a compromised immune system. Finding ways to manage stress and convert it into something positive is a great way to clear the mind and aid good health. Here are some exercises you can do to help. Feel free to do all of them.

Tapping for overwhelm.

This great exercise uses tapping of Acupuncture points to balance energies and restore calm and reasoning. In the situation we are in now with COVID 19 everyone is stressed and overwhelmed by what is going on. So here is a little something you can do to relieve some of the overwhelm.

The technique usually begins with a Karate chop manoeuvre, done by holding both hands up palms facing you. Turn the hands so they are perpendicular to each other and tap with reasonable pressure the 2 hands together making contact with the spot marked on the diagram above. This will be done at the same time as saying out load the statements below.

The other tapping points shown on the diagram are tapped with the index and middle fingers together. Tap firmly but not painfully while saying the line shown next to the point in the script below, e.g. while tapping the ‘eyebrow’ point say the first line, ‘I can’t get all this done…’ Tap at least 7 times per point. The ‘side of eye’ point is just behind the bone to the side of the eye and the ‘under arm’ point is about 3 fingers’ width below the armpit midway between front and back of the rib cage.

Do this exercise as many times as you want, even add in your own words if required to suit your particular circumstances.


Karate Chop: Even though I’m stressed out, overwhelmed, and simply have too much to do, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Karate Chop: Even though my to-do list is a mile long and it’s stressing me out, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Karate Chop: Even though I’m never going to get it all done, and I’m not smart enough to figure all this stuff out, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Eyebrow: I can’t get all this done . . .

Side of Eye: All this overwhelm . . .

Under Eye: I’m feeling so much stress and it overwhelms me . . .

Under Nose: There’s simply too much to do . . .

Chin: I’m overwhelmed . . .

Collarbone: Too much to do . . .

Under Arm: And not enough time . . .

Top of Head: I just can’t handle everything on my plate

Eyebrow: How am I going to get all of this done . . .

Side of Eye: I can’t get it done . . .

Under Eye: Because I have too much to do . . .

Under Nose: I need help . . .

Chin: There aren’t enough hours in the day . . .

Collarbone: To get all of this done . . .

Under Arm: All these feelings of being overwhelmed. . .

Top of Head: All these feelings of being overwhelmed

Take a deep breath and check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Rate your feeling on the 0 to 10 scale. Return to the eyebrow:

Eyebrow: Everything is going to fall apart

Side of Eye: And it’s going to be all my fault

Under Eye: Why can’t I get it all done?

Under Nose: Why can’t I just buckle down and do it all?

Chin: It’s just too much for me to handle

Collarbone: Or maybe I’m undisciplined

Under Arm: I wish I could manage it all

Top of Head: But I can’t

Eyebrow: I never have enough time

Side of Eye: I’m always trying to catch up

Under Eye: But I never can

Under Nose: I just want it all to stop!

Chin: I can’t keep going like this

Collarbone: I’m going to burn out

Under Arm: I need some kind of solution

Top of Head: I just don’t know what to do.

Are you feeling any less stressed? How does that overwhelm rank on the scale from 1 to 10 now? We’re going to get more specific in this coming round, so be sure to use any thoughts or feelings that have arisen in the first few rounds. Return to your eyebrow point:

Eyebrow: [Name what’s stressing you out] is way too much for me right now

Side of Eye: If I could just handle that, I’d be ok

Under Eye: Does it have to be so hard?

Under Nose: Why is it so stressful?

Chin: I can feel the tension in my body

Collarbone: I just want it to go away

Under Arm: I just want this to be a little easier

Top of Head: I just want the pressure to ease up a bit

Eyebrow: [Name what’s stressing you out] is way too much for me right now

Side of Eye: If I could just handle that, I’d be ok

Under Eye: Does it have to be so hard?

Under Nose: Why is it so stressful?

Chin: I can feel the tension in my body

Collarbone: I just want it to go away

Under Arm: I just want this to be a little easier

Top of Head: I just want the pressure to ease up a bit

Once you’re feeling considerably better, you’re ready to move on to the positive rounds. This will help you to replace those negative feelings you’ve just dislodged with positive affirmations about the way you want to feel and what your higher self knows to be true.

Remember, you want this to be a natural progression. If at any time during the positive round your mind outright objects to the words you’re saying, then it’s best to go back to tapping on your negative beliefs until they clear.

Eyebrow: I choose to relax . . .

Side of Eye: I have the resources to get this done . . .

Under Eye: I’ve done it before, and I can do it again . . .

Under Nose: I choose to release this feeling of being overwhelmed. . .

Chin: I have to do what I have to do . . .

Collarbone: And being stressed out about it doesn’t help me . . .

Under Arm: Releasing these feelings of being overwhelmed . . .

Top of Head: Letting them all go.

Eyebrow: I don’t have to give in to these feelings of overwhelm

Side of Eye: There’s a calm underneath it all

Under Eye: I’m ready to tap into it

Under Nose: I’m ready to feel capable and relieved

Chin: I can get it all done

Collarbone: My serenity comes first

Under Arm: Once I find that I can do anything else

Top of Head: I choose to feel centered

Eyebrow: I choose to feel grounded

Side of Eye: This isn’t too much for me

Under Eye: The pressure is dissolving

Under Nose: The tension is disappearing

Chin: I can prioritize and manage everything I have to do

Collarbone: It doesn’t have to overwhelm me

Under Arm: I can handle it all

Top of Head: I’m feeling free of this stress

Eyebrow: I’m getting calmer by the second

Side of Eye: And I choose to ground myself in this peace

Under Eye: I can always find my serenity if I need to.

Under Nose: From there, I can get anything done

Chin: I choose not be stressed anymore

Collarbone: I choose to be free

Under Arm: I can handle everything

Top of Head: I am free.

Take a deep breath . . . and let it go.

The Figure – 8 Exercise

This is a lovely exercise for de-stressing the body and also releasing the negative reactions to a particular stress. It can be done in sitting, standing or lying. This is based on the Tibetan ‘Life Energy’ System, which flows in figures of eight. The diagram below shows the end position for a right-hand dominant person, the reverse being necessary for left-handed people.

How to get into the position:

Put the back of the hands together. Lift the right hand over the left one till the palms face each other. Clasp the fingers of each hand together. Bring the hands in and up rolling them so the hands point upwards as in the diagram. Hold this position while you place the left foot over the right one. You are now ready to start the exercise.


a. For General release: Assume the position as shown (end position is left arm over right and left leg over right) and breathe deeply inhaling through the nose with the tongue up against the pallet, and exhale with the tongue relaxed.

b. For specific stress: Think of the specific stress that is bothering you. Assume the position as shown, and then breathe as in 'a' above while keeping the thought in your mind. Feel the stress ease away as you breathe.

Duration: Do this for general health and distressing at least once a day. You can do it sitting at the office desk, in a traffic jam, or at home, it works the same.

For specific stresses, repeat this technique at least once a day or as many times as you feel you need to. You can never do too much!

Note: If you cannot get your hands up onto your chest, just clasp the fingers and rest them on your tummy.

Daily affirmation programme.

This is a great exercise to do to balance all your Acupuncture meridians, which in turn are linked to all your muscles and organs and promotes good health. Do this first thing in the morning. I usually do this while walking on the spot to open communication between left and right brain. It has been shown that Love is the emotion with the highest frequency, so we all need to be in a state of Love more regularly and be grateful for what we have no matter what happens. 

Apart from these two great exercises, listen to the meditation tracks below for peace of mind. Find a quiet place and preferably use headphones. Enjoy.