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Nerang Physiotherapy

The difference is obvious

Sports Shoe Analysis

Are you aware that your running/sports shoes may be causing you harm? Did you know that subtle changes to the inside of your trainers can be a cause of lower back, hip, knee or ankle pain?

For more than a couple of decades now, shoe companies have been altering the insert inside running shoes and other sports shoes as they have been (mis-) informed that most people over-pronate, i.e. their inner arch of the foot flattens and the ankle rolls inwards. Where they attained this information is anyone's guess, but personally I cannot believe that.

In the last 20 years I have been altering the inserts of sporting persons shoes as they have been affecting the balance of the hips resulting in weakness. This weakness is often the starting point of injuries such as lower back strain, hip bursitis, hamstring strains, calf strains, groin strains, etc.

The foot is a very mobile mechanism with 32 joints in each foot. It is designed to walk on uneven surfaces, so all our unnatural flat and hard surfaces do not put our feet through enough movement to maintain good flexibility. Add to that the 'support' shoes give where we really do not need it, and the foot will slowly but surely lose its range of motion and soft tissues will adaptively shorten.

This leaves us with feet that are mal-formed and tight and open to injury and pain. What we really require is space for the feet to work in so that they can do the job they are designed to do. Any restriction in space can lead to long-term complications not only in the foot but higher up the mechanical chain.

So how can Nerang Physiotherapy help?

Here at Nerang Physiotherapy we have a great accurate testing procedure called the Sports Shoe Analysis to ascertain whether the shoes you are wearing are affecting you negatively. I have over the years worked with international sports persons from 400m hurdlers to rugby players to marathon runners. Correcting the shoes has played a large part in them remaining injury free.

Using the science of Kinesiology we can assess the body's response to wearing certain shoes and what corrections are necessary to enable your feet to function at their best and prevent injury/pain.

The Sports Shoe Analysis includes the following:

  • Gait analysis - visual observation of your pelvic stability when walking (video available if requested)
  • Manual muscle strength testing
  • Kinesiological analysis of shoes
  • Corrections where necessary
  • Re-assessment of muscle strength
  • Advice on future shoe purchases

Most clients who complete this analysis report feeling much more mobility in the foot and less injuries and pain in future sporting experiences. Are you willing to risk injury when all it takes is a half hour assessment and you could reduce your risk of pain and injury significantly.

Book now by calling (07) 5596 4711(07) 5596 4711 or by email on [email protected] or via our booking form on our website. Our friendly staff will arrange a time best suited to you.

Cost: $70.00 (can be claimed on Health Insurance)

Time: 30 minutes

Welcome Wednesdays

For a limited time we are offering FREE 30 minute consultations for those who are not sure if Physiotherapy can help your problem. For more information on this please click here.

Case studies

  • 85 Year old lady with 45 years of pain gone in five days using Myo-flow. Husband said it was the first time in 40 years of marriage he had seen her with pink cheeks.
  • 10 year old girl with leg pain since birth, investigations could not find anything, but her pain was eliminated in a week with Myo-flow.
  • 24 year old woman suffereing severe pins and needls and pain in her left arm 6 months after having a cervical rib removed, cleared in 3 treatments of Myofascial release massage.
  • 42 year old female doctor suffering from what looked like sciatica, with pain to the foot. Straight leg raise was only 5 degrees. After treatment with Myo-flow, Acupuncture and Myofascial release massage she had full straight leg raise and could walk comfortably on her leg. She recovered fully in only 5 sessions.
  • 27 year old lady involved in a car accident, hit from behind. Suffered whiplash associated disorder with neck and lower back issues. She received treatment for 3 months and fully recovered.

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